A. Elizabeth “Lizz” Patrick, Founding Member of Patrick Law Group, conducted a CLE seminar entitled “Top Contract Provisions to Know and Care About: Drafting to Accomplish Business Goals and Manage Risks” to a full house at The Georgia Chapter of Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) on June 11, 2013.

The Patrick Law Group presented pointers intended to ease company counsel’s burden in navigating the mountain of documents that company counsel is presented with each day.  Ms. Patrick identified and discussed the universal provisions that are the cornerstones of strong contracts, proposed drafting and negotiation approaches to obtain the best results, and shared insights regarding the areas of contracts which most commonly form the basis of disputes. Ms. Patrick reinforced her presentation with real examples gained from client interviews.

Founded in 1982, The Association of Corporate Counsel is a global bar association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel, and the Georgia Chapter of this national organization hosts monthly CLE luncheons.

Patrick Law Group is an agile, results-driven law firm focused on preparing and negotiating domestic and international commercial contracts in a wide range of industries including complex construction, technology, logistics, master sourcing and fulfillment. Lizz Patrick has 24 years’ of experience in drafting and negotiating a wide variety of commercial contracts, including contracts for master supply and service procurement, construction and development, technology solutions, capital equipment procurement, logistics and other outsourcing arrangements.