We serve as an extension of our Clients’ team to help analyze and solve business problems and capitalize on opportunities to achieve our Clients’ business objectives. Our practice areas are interrelated so that we can provide our Clients with solutions and risk mitigation tailored to their business goals.


Commercial Contracts and Transactions

We have drafted and negotiated thousands of contracts for Corporations and Procuring Entities for a wide variety of contracts ranging from professional services, technology solutions, logistics, design and construction, global sourcing contracts, and specific equipment, software, system procurement and consulting contracts. We have also created standardized contracts and contracting procedures for use by our Clients across multiple contracting engagements, providing contracting efficiencies to our Clients by reducing their dependency on outside counsel and bringing consistency to their contracting processes.


Construction & Project Development

We have been engaged in construction matters for a wide range of projects, including office buildings, retail centers, health care facilities, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, hotels and resorts, and multi-use facilities. We have advised our Clients in all aspects of project development and delivery, including the preparation and negotiation of design, architectural, engineering, installation, construction and equipment procurement contracts. During the course of contract performance, we assist our Clients with the effective management of those contracts and serve as Project Counsel, where we assist with the review, preparation and analysis of Change Orders, Additional Services Requests, Purchase Orders, and other Amendments to those contracts, and advise and represent our Clients in the resolution of contract and project disputes.

Due Diligence Support

We have assisted Clients with the review and analysis of complex commercial agreements as part of our Clients’ due diligence process prior to a merger or acquisition, as well as after a major acquisition or merger for identifying vendor relationships and consolidating operations. We have reviewed and summarized hundreds of contracts and amendments, assisting our Clients with identifying potential risk exposure, defined obligations, potential conflicts and business opportunities and synergies.

Logistics and Outsourcing

To keep up with the pace and demands in a connected and global world, our Clients need to quickly and consistently manufacture, market and distribute their products and services. Our experience includes preparing and negotiating third party logistics (3PL), business processing and outsourcing agreements, including warehousing, shipping, transportation, kitting, distribution and fulfillment agreements.


Marketing and Advertising

Marketing, advertising and new media efforts have become critical in ensuring a Company’s longevity in today’s fast-paced, hypercompetitive markets. Our experience includes supporting our Clients in their marketing, promotions and advertising needs, such as advising clients on compliance issues related to both off-line and on-line promotions, contests, and sweepstakes; providing advice related to advertising copy; and negotiating such agreements as product placements and endorsements; co-marketing; and master services and their related statements of work for games management, public relations, experiential marketing services. We have also negotiated master use and synchronization license agreements for the use of soundtracks in television and film, as well as license and release agreements related to entertainment intellectual property for the stage, film and in print.

Supply Chain and Procurement

On an almost daily basis, companies enter into contracts to buy and sell goods and services as part of their routine business operations. Whether procuring supplies and services for its own use, or selling to others, the ability to quickly negotiate and execute business contracts is imperative. We have prepared and negotiated thousands of agreements for a variety of goods and services required for business operations. Our experience includes preparing master supply and service agreements, statements of work and other contracts involving the procurement of products, supplies, equipment and services for both direct and indirect supply chain and sourcing.  

Technology and Telecommunications

Every company today depends on technology and sophisticated internal and external communication systems. We have assisted some of the largest companies in the world with their agreements for procuring specialized technology solutions and products as well as the agreements for professional services necessary for solution and product implementation. Our experience includes preparing and negotiating software and other intellectual property licensing arrangements, mobile application development agreements, application software provider (ASP) arrangements, web-hosting, remote data hosting, and subscription and software for a service (SaaS) agreements. We have also prepared agreements for associated maintenance and support, back-office and customer-vendor facing business processes.

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