RePRESENTATIVE Transactions in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

PaaS agreements for hybrid cloud services

IaaS agreements for mainframe outsourcing

Creation of smart contract (blockchain) terms and conditions

Bug bounty agreements for “white hat” hacker services

SaaS agreements for enterprise collaboration tools

SaaS agreements for social media data exchange platforms

Drone acquisition and license agreements

BOT pilot program terms and conditions

License and SaaS agreements for robotic process automation platforms

BOT deployment analysis to determine whether software programs may be automated

SaaS agreements for human capital management platform (onboarding, workforce and absence management, e-learning and mentoring, employee recognition and rewards, on demand interviewing)

PaaS agreements for enterprise identity management, single sign-on and customer authentication

Marketplace as a Service agreements for online marketplaces

SaaS agreements for cloud security, secure file transmission, system monitoring and threat intelligence platforms

SaaS agreements for e-learning and virtual meeting rooms

SaaS agreements for policy, claims and benefits administration platforms

SaaS agreements for lead capture and customer relationship management platforms

SaaS agreements for Enterprise Agile planning platforms

SaaS agreements for risk management analytics assessments

SaaS agreements for behavioral analytics platforms

SaaS agreements for call center optimization platforms

SaaS agreements for crowdsourcing platforms

PaaS agreements for enterprise IT service and support management (incident, problem, change configuration and service level management)

SaaS agreements for field force/associate survey platforms