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We recognize the increasing complexity our Clients face in identifying relevant content and insightful business perspectives on changes and developments important to their practice areas and business interests. We invest in creating and sharing Client-centric content, and provide our Clients with current insights and knowledge that affect critical business decisions and the development of cogent business strategies.

Is Automation Really the New Outsourcing?

By Dawn Ingley | As disruptive technologies continue to explode across the corporate technology landscape, a natural inclination from both business personnel and attorneys may be to draw parallels between these innovation tools and more established technologies and practices.  Robotics and process automation (“RPA”), a hotbed of exponential growth in recent years, is no different.  Increasingly, the benefits and risks of RPA have been compared to those ones associated with traditional outsourcing or managed services (“BPO”).  And while a considerable amount of overlap undoubtedly exists, the critical differences between RPA and BPO are even more striking.

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Someone Needs a Digital Makeover: Rethinking NAFTA in the Digital Economy

By Linda Henry | When the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect on January 1, 1994, there were an estimated 10,000 websites, most people used dial-up online services, Google had not yet become a verb, and the first online transaction (purchase of a Sting CD) would not occur until later that year.  As a result, NAFTA did not contemplate digital trade flows and many in the tech sector agree that the time has come to update NAFTA for the digital age.

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Mobile Apps: Key Privacy, Security and Data Collection Considerations

By Linda Henry | Over the past three years, mobile application usage in the U.S. has increased by 111%, and over 50% of digital media consumption in the U.S. is now through mobile apps. As consumer use of mobile apps continues to rise, the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general have increased their focus on the privacy and data collection practices of mobile application providers.

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Before You Hit “Send”: Ensuring Your Attorney-Client Emails Comply with the new ABA Guidance

By Jennifer Thompson | Today’s attorneys rely heavily on technology to communicate with clients, especially email.  At the same time, given the sensitive nature of many attorney-client communications and the potential windfall to anyone who wrongfully intercepts these email communications, such communications can also be extremely attractive to would-be hackers.  This situation prompted the American Bar Association (ABA) to issue new guidance on a lawyer’s ethical obligations with respect to the email transmission of client-related information.

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