How Patrick Law Group is Bringing Value by Bringing AI

The combined intelligence of experienced lawyers with Artificial Intelligence is better than either on their own. 

Patrick Law Group has partnered with Legal Sifter to offer a “Combined Intelligence” solution for contract review and negotiation by in-house legal, procurement, and commercial teams.

    Contract review in a minute or two

    PLG LegalSifter uses artificial intelligence as a second set of eyes to review contracts in a matter of minutes. Users start by uploading a draft contract into LegalSifter. Sifters—the machine learning algorithms trained to read text and look for specific concepts—then review the document and identify important concepts that require attention. In addition, legal and business advice customized by PLG to reflect your preferred negotiating positions appears by each issue.

    PLG LegalSifter does not replace human review, but rather acts as a second set of eyes to speed up the legal review process. 

    “Patrick Law Group is committed to providing innovative legal solutions to our clients, and we are excited to bring artificial intelligence to the contract negotiation process. Artificial intelligence is transforming the practice of law, and our clients will be able to expedite contract review by leveraging LegalSifter’s AI and PLG’s deep expertise in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements.”

    A. Elizabeth (Lizz) Patrick

    How PLG LegalSifter works

    Upload draft contract


    Our Sifters read it


    Advice appears in a minute or two

    Increase Efficiency

    • Within a minute or two, our sifters—machine-learning algorithms—review your agreement and provide legal and business advice customized by PLG to reflect your company’s approved negotiating positions.
    • Work smarter and faster: Your company’s approved business and legal positions automatically appear by the relevant issue in the agreement.
    • Know what important terms are missing from the agreement before you start your review.

    Bring Consistency to Your Company’s Legal Review Process

    • Because your company’s approved negotiating positions automatically appear when using PLG LegalSifter, your company can increase the consistency of the legal and commercial terms that are incorporated into agreements.

    Example document