Every company today depends on technology and sophisticated internal and external communication systems. We assist some of the largest companies in the world with their agreements for procuring specialized technology solutions and products as well as the agreements for professional services necessary for solution and product implementation. Our experience includes preparing and negotiating software and other intellectual property licensing arrangements, mobile application development agreements, application software provider (ASP) arrangements, web-hosting, remote data hosting, subscription and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements. 

Representative Transactions in Technology & Big Data

Enterprise license agreement for application software and hosted/cloud services

License agreements for automated threat prevention solutions

Publication agreements and terms of use for private label apps deployed on digital distribution platforms

Agreements related to technology build-outs for new professional football stadium

License agreements for banking and financial products pricing data

Data use, sharing and enhancement agreements (licensee and licensor)

License agreements for enterprise document management systems

Software integration agreements for hosted insurance application platforms

E-billing and payment processing software license agreements

Logistics management software license agreements

License agreements for asset tracking and management

Website design and API development agreements

Digital banking platform agreements

License and services agreements related to e-discovery platforms