Every company today depends on technology and sophisticated internal and external communication systems. We have assisted some of the largest companies in the world with their agreements for procuring specialized technology solutions and products as well as the agreements for professional services necessary for solution and product implementation. Our experience includes preparing and negotiating software and other intellectual property licensing arrangements, mobile application development agreements, application software provider (ASP) arrangements, web-hosting, remote data hosting, and subscription and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements. We have also prepared agreements for associated maintenance and support, back-office and customer-vendor facing business processes.

Recent Transactions in Technology & Telecommunications


Negotiated SaaS Agreement for large Insurance Company for the license of software as a service solution that will assist brokers in complying with DoL Fiduciary Rule

Marketplace as a Service Agreement for the development, hosting and management of cloud based on-line marketplace and hosting platform

Agreement for use of Java Script code in connection with direct marketing customer acquisition efforts for Fintech Company

Drafted and negotiated Consulting Services Agreement for major airline for the development of custom software that manages the authorized software configurations for aircraft