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Part I of III | FTC Provides Guidance on Reasonable Data Security Practices

By Linda Henry | Over the past 15 years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought more than 60 cases against companies for unfair or deceptive data security practices that put consumers’ personal data at unreasonable risk.  Although the FTC has stated that the touchstone of its approach to data security is reasonableness, the FTC has faced considerable criticism from the business community for lack of clarity as to as to what it considers reasonable data security.

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Data Scraping, Bots and First Amendment Rights

By Linda Henry | A recent case involving a small workforce analytics startup fighting for its right to extract data from the largest professional networking site on the Internet may set a precedent for applying constitutional principles to social medial platforms.  hiQ Labs, Inc., the company seeking to protect its right to scrape publicly available data from LinkedIn, maintains that social media platforms should be treated as a public forum, and consequently, hiQ’s data scraping activities are protected by the First Amendment.

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When 2017 Becomes 1984: Facial Recognition Technologies – Face a Growing Legal Landscape

By Dawn Ingley | Recently, Stanford University professor and researcher Michal Kosinski caused a stir of epic proportions and conjured up visions of George Orwell’s 1984 in the artificial intelligence (AI) community.  Kosinski posited that several AI tools are now able to determine the sexual orientation of a person, just based on a photograph, and has gone on to speculate that AI could also predict political ideology, IQ, and propensity for criminal behavior.  Indeed, using a complex algorithm, Kosinski accurately pinpointed a male’s sexual orientation over 90% of the time.  While technology advances frequently outpace corresponding changes in the law, the implications of this technology are alarming.  Could the LGBTQ community be targeted for violence or other discrimination based on this analysis?  Could “potential criminals” be turned away from gainful employment based on mere speculation about future behavior?  Would Facebook account photographs be an unintentional window into the most private facets of one’s life?  In a country already divided over sociopolitical issues, the answer to all of these questions unfortunately seems to be not if, but when.  The urgency for laws and regulations to police the exponential proliferation of AI’s potential intrusions cannot be overstated as the threat of a 1984 world becomes more of a reality.

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PMI – An Insider’s Guide – Part 3: What to do When You’re Asked to Assist in a Potential Acquisition – Post-Integration Run Phase and the Wheels Have Come Off

By Peggy Abood | It’s been months since your company was all over the news with a splashy acquisition and the fanfare has died down a bit.  There are rumors, quietly at first, but then persistently louder, that things aren’t going so well with the transition: the new employees are unhappy, the promised revenue isn’t flowing, and the sought-after efficiencies appear elusive.  Then the dreaded phone call comes from your manager: we need you to help fix what’s happening here.  In other words, we need you to follow the parade with a shovel.

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PMI – An Insider’s Guide – Part 2: What to do When You’re Asked to Assist in a Potential Acquisition – Between Signed and Closed Phase

By Peggy Abood | Your day starts with headlines screaming across the Internet – your company has acquired a particular entity (“Target”).  The office is buzzing with the news and potential impacts – what does this mean for my role now and in the future, and how much more work am I going to have to take on?  More often than not, the acquirer’s legal team will be tapped to coordinate the planning for post-merger integration and implementation.  So, what do you do when the first email of the day is from your boss informing you that you’ve been asked to manage the legal needs of the Target?  Here are three points to bear in mind to begin the process of that most nebulous of goals:  a successful integration after a headline grabbing acquisition.

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