AI-dentity Crisis: The Role of the Lawyer in an Increasingly Digital World


“I can suggest alternative language for a contract clause to help clarify the meaning, but I can’t provide advice on what language would be more favorable to you. That would constitute legal advice, which is something I can’t provide. Always consult a legal professional for advice tailored to your specific circumstances”.

The paragraph above is ChatGPT-4’s response to my question of whether its advanced generative AI could propose alternative language to make certain contract terms more favorable to one party over another.

Could ChatGPT and its variants propose such language a year or two from now? Quite likely. Did OpenAI place certain limiting parameters on ChatGPT to make it more palatable to the public while simultaneously minimizing the likelihood of regulatory scrutiny? Most definitely. Could I have plucked a particular provision from a contract and asked ChatGPT to rewrite it to state the opposite? Yes, I did – and it did. Still, that initial response perfectly encapsulates the limitations of ChatGPT and the plethora of legal software that incorporate continue reading ->

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