PLG Announces Linda Henry’s Promotion to Senior Deputy Counsel and Chief Operating Officer

Join us in congratulating PLG’s Linda Henry on her promotion to Senior Deputy Counsel and Chief Operating Officer. Linda joined Patrick Law Group, LLC in 2012. During her tenure, she has demonstrated her exceptional legal abilities as a practical and business-focused transactional attorney and contracts expert, earning the trust and respect of the firm’s clients.  In addition to her legal […]

Linda Henry, Erin Shea and Meredith Sidewater Present on AI Ethics at the NAWL GCI

In addition to being a GCI Rainmaker Sponsor, Patrick Law Group, LLC attorneys also had the opportunity to present at this year’s virtual institute.  Linda Henry, Erin Shea and Meredith Sidewater presented a session entitled, “Raising the Consciousness of AI: Perspectives on Ethics and Privacy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” They discuss the intersection […]

PLG Attorneys Volunteer Their Time with a Nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition

Patrick Law Group, LLC is proud to have attorneys volunteering their time with the national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition and providing assistance on Election Protection’s nationwide nonpartisan hotline. Election Protection helps voters from all parties make sure their vote is counted! Want to volunteer? Visit: Other Firm News

Congressional Interest Ramps Back Up for National Privacy Law

On Thursday, June 18, 2020 the New York City Council overwhelmingly approved the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act (or “POST Act”) to institute oversight regarding the New York City Police Department’s use of surveillance technologies.

Linda Henry & Meredith Sidewater Present to State Farm In-House Counsel About AI

PLG attorneys, Linda Henry and Meredith Sidewater were honored for the opportunity to present to State Farm on the topic of “AI Law in the Insurance Sector: Perspectives on Ethics, Privacy an Intellectual Property rights in the age of Artificial Intelligence.“ A big thank you their co-panelists B. Delano Jordan and Sumon Dasgupta. Other Firm News

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